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Cash For Homes Pearl City

Sell Your Pearl City Home For Cash in “As-Is” Condition! We Pay Cash For Homes in Pearl City. Zero Showings. Zero Commissions. Zero Hassle. Get A Same Day Cash Offer Now!

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Welcome To Offer On Homes

Pearl City’s Best Home Buying Company

Our Pearl City Cash Home Buying Team has more than a decade of experience Buying Homes For Cash. We know what it takes to Sell Your Home For Cash Fast because we understand the local Real Estate Market in Pearl City and have a network of buyers looking for real estate investment opportunities in Pearl City and Hawaii. Let us Buy Your Home For Cash today!

We’re a team of Home Buying Specialists dedicated to helping homeowners seamlessly sell their homes quickly for cash. For more than 5 years we’ve helped good people liquidate their home equity with fair cash offers.

We specialize in buying properties quickly, conveniently, and for all cash. We buy houses in any condition and don’t require the seller to do any repairs to it. Our goal is to help sellers succeed by buying their homes and providing a solution to meet their exact real estate needs.

We put the work in, plain and simple. It’s our firm belief that IF we provide industry leading customer service THEN everything else will take care of itself. Accordingly, our primary mission is ensuring a seamless selling experience for homeowners looking to sell their homes fast for cash. That’s why we make ourselves available 24/7. From the moment of 1st contact to the moment you receive your cash; we’re there to ensure you have what you need to make the best decision and, in so doing, get the best offer.

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Once We’ve Received Your Information A Home Buying Specialist Will Review & Then Call You. During The Call They’ll Collect All Necessary Information Required And, When Finished, Will Provide You With A Same Day Cash Offer For Your Home.

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Once You’ve Received Your Cash Offer You’ll Review It And, Provided It’s What You Want, Accept. We’ll Send The Applicable Paperwork To Begin Processing.

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After All Applicable Documentation Has Been Signed & Returned We’ll Coordinate With You To Expeditiously Process Payment & Get You Your Cash

Give Us The Privilege Of Earning Your Business. You’ll Be Happy You Did.

There are many Companies that Buy Homes For Cash. Most of them could care less about anything other than low balling you. We’re not in the business of low-balling, we’re in the business of earning repeat business. Sell Your Pearl City Home to us.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Related To Selling Your Home For Cash

Do You Negotiate On Offer Price?2021-03-08T17:36:13-08:00

Officially accepting an offer from OfferOnHomes is done through signing a purchase agreement that indicates you are selling your home to us at a certain price. The purchase agreement is simple and straightforward but we can also have one of our home buying advisors walk you through it.

Who Inspects My Home?2021-03-08T17:33:52-08:00

One of our home buying advisors and market experts will be walking through the home simply to verify any repairs or updates that may be needed. This helps verify any needed work you told us about and prepare for making repairs after we have closed on and bought your home.

What If Repairs Are Needed After Inspection?2021-03-08T17:32:47-08:00

If during the inspection we notice any major repairs we will discuss any price adjustment with you. If it is minor repairs we will proceed as planned with the sale of your home. Let us know upfront if there are any major repairs or updates needed so we can get you the best offer.

How quickly can I close?2021-03-08T17:30:30-08:00

OfferOnHomes can close on your property in as little as 7 days. If you need a quicker close for extenuating circumstances, let us know, we will work out a quicker close. Closing on your exact timeline in order to meet your needs and help you get to where you want to go is our goal.

How does my mortgage get paid off?2021-03-08T17:14:39-08:00

Your mortgage will be paid off by the title company when closing happens. The title company will reach out to you to get the required information to contact your lender and get a payoff from them. After closing documents are signed and the closing takes place the title company will pay off your existing mortgage.

When do we sign closing documents?2021-03-08T17:13:51-08:00

The title company will reach out to you and set up a closing date with you to come into their office or we can send someone to you to get all of the closing documents signed. Once this is done the title company then records the transaction.

When do I need to move out of my house?2021-03-08T17:13:09-08:00

You will need to move out by the agreed upon move out date. This may be after closing if you chose a later move out day. Typically if you choose a later move out day we hold $5,000 in escrow that is released to you once you have fully moved out of the house.

What appliances can I take when I move?2021-03-08T17:12:30-08:00

Typically we have you leave the appliances in the house minus the refrigerator, washer, and dryer. However if you would like to take other appliances with you let us know and we can work that out and include that in the purchase agreement that we will both sign.

What do I need to leave in my home when I leave?2021-03-08T17:12:04-08:00

A special benefit of working with OfferOnHomes versus other major home buyers is, we allow you to truly leave anything and everything behind when moving out of your home. We will buy your home as it is, meaning you are free to take and leave behind whatever items or belongings you want.

Are there other transaction costs that I should consider?2021-03-08T17:11:00-08:00

With OfferOnHomes buying your home there are no other transaction costs involved with the sale of your home. Many other buyers may charge fees but with us it is truly a fee-less transaction. We make it simple and cost-effective for you to sell your home to us on move on with your life.

Shawn Hayes

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“There are a myriad of circumstances that can necessitate you having to sell your home. While we can’t control what brought you here, we can control the quality of experience from this point forward & we strive to ensure it is positive in all respects. That’s our promise.”

Nathan Payne

Co-Founder, Offer On Homes