Asking yourself: should I move to Georgia? Well, you’re in the right place. Georgia is one of the country’s fastest-growing states, and there are 10 good reasons for that. The state’s cultural richness and complex history have played a huge role in the creation of the country as a whole. Apart from being a history buff’s heaven, Georgia’s stunning sceneries and cities make it a lovely place for individuals and families to live. Here are several other reasons why you will love living in Georgia!


Atlanta’s expansive metropolis is a lively center of culture and activities, making it one of the perfect places in Georgia to work, eat, create, play, and enjoy life! There are so many fun things to do in this fast-growing and beautiful city that is full of world-class eateries, networking, and career opportunities. Moreover, Atlanta boasts the world’s busiest international airport. This means that residing in Georgia brings the world to your door. Just grab yourself a ticket and enjoy easy travels to the rest of the world.

Great Weather and Outdoor Life

The climate in Georgia is subtropical and humid, with the majority of the state experiencing brief and mild periods of winter and long sunny summers. The typical year-round temperature is about 62 degrees Fahrenheit with the regular high at the start of the year being 52 degrees Fahrenheit. With nearly 50 state parks and lots of beaches, there are numerous places in Georgia where you can relish its great weather conditions. Although there have been several cases of winter storms, the weather in Georgia is friendly for the greater part of the year.

Affordable Living and Housing

Put against other huge states, life in Georgia is relatively affordable. The cost of living in Georgia is generally cheaper than the country’s average. While the average cost of a house in the United States is roughly $258,500, the average price of a house in Georgia is $148,100 –  $110,000 less. Gasoline, rent, and property taxes are also all lower than the national median. Thus, you can get more value for your money living in Georgia compared to living in other states. Cost-cutting is a huge plus for anyone purchasing or constructing a house.

Excellent Schools

If you are seeking great educational facilities, Georgia’s high-performing colleges and universities are among the best in the country. Some of these notable schools are located in Alpharetta, Forsyth County, and Gwinnett. The Hope scholarship program helps students get free or subsidized tuition fees to top universities in the state. Apart from having brilliant universities and colleges like Emory and Georgia Tech, there are plenty of amazing private and public schools. Of special note are the schools in Decatur and Buford districts. Therefore, before you disregard the education system in Georgia, consider its top-rated schools and colleges.

Safe Cities

Concerned about crime and safety? As stated by Safewise’s report on the safest neighborhoods in Georgia, the peach state has several safe places to reside. According to the report, violent crime remains below the regional and national average, and cases of break-ins, theft, and burglary have gone down progressively since 2019. If you wish to bring up your family in a safe district and a suburb with an excellent education system, you can make a home in Georgia, as it is a family-friendly and choice place to live.

Thrilling Sports Culture

The state of Georgia is all about games and sports. Home to the Hawks, Falcons, GA Tech, Braves, and UGA, sports enthusiasts can enjoy a fair share of field sports in Georgia. In addition, Georgia houses the biggest state-of-the-art sports museum in the United States, covering 43,000 square feet and housing more than 3,000 relics. Additionally, Dawsonville is seen as one of NASCAR’s birthplaces, and you will find over 20 racetracks in Georgia. Regardless of the sport that you enjoy the most – soccer, baseball, golf, racing, football – you can ignite your passion here.

Endless Job Opportunities

The job market in Georgia is booming with several high-paying jobs available to residents. It is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies that employ numerous Georgians for job opportunities ranging from mining to textiles. Also, the military and Emory university are some of the state’s biggest employers. This means that work opportunities of all kinds of specialties thrive in Georgia. Likewise, Atlanta is a growing technology and startup hub that has continued to attract venture capitalists over the years. Similarly, cities such as Augusta, Athens, and Columbia are excellent places to work and have high-salaries job opportunities.

Fresh Farm Produce and Meats

Fresh farm harvests, meats, and dairy products are readily available and easy to find in Georgia’s farmer’s markets. Across the state, consumers are seeking locally grown produce and pleasant foods available in Georgia’s markets. This increased demand for farm produce has seen the rise in many farmer’s markets. Economically, many farmer’s markets mean more opportunities for local farmers and artisans in Georgia to display their produce and wares and generate income thanks to support from the community.

Beautiful Countryside

If you are into nature, mountains, and lakes, you will love living in Georgia! Tourists have stated that Georgia has a wealth of green plants and trees everywhere. It is green everywhere you look, and if you are coming from a huge city, such a view can be quite refreshing and extremely beautiful. When you visit Georgia, you will also find dozens of mountains, parks, and lakes to explore. Campers, hikers, and explorers find lots of things to love in Georgia, and even if you may be less exploratory, you can relish Georgia’s natural country beauty every day.

Welcoming and Friendly Folks

Georgians are popular for being some of the most hospitable, warm, and friendly people you will have the privilege of meeting. The culture of friendliness and hospitality in Georgia will make you feel right at home. Anywhere you go, Georgians will be glad to give you a smile or a friendly wave and offer any assistance you may need.

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