Why live in the Sunshine State?

Popular for its amazing weather, fabulous beaches, and home to magical Disneyland, Florida is a choice state to reside in. Whether you are a family seeking a family-friendly destination, a millennial seeking career opportunities, or simply looking for that ideal retirement spot, here is what Florida offers.

Sun & Warmth All Year Round

There is no doubt that the wonderful weather in Florida attracts many folks. Florida enjoys a tropical climate, making it warm for most of the year. The rains in Florida come around May and last until October. That is why the state’s luxurious plant life continues to beautify the landscape. Although there is a danger of hurricanes on America’s eastern coast, Florida gets only 40 percent hits. A minor price to pay for almost perfect year-round weather. If you are thinking of relocating to Florida, the weather alone is a huge attraction.

Fantastic Beaches & Lively Beach Life

Covering more than 1,300 miles of coastline connecting the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida is the beach capital of the country and home to various popular beaches.
Residents in Florida enjoy some of the globe’s finest and most spectacular beaches right outside their doorsteps. Renowned and high-quality seashores in Florida include Pensacola Beach, Clearwater Beach, St. George Island, Grayton Beach, Panama City Beach, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and Siesta Public Beach, just to mention a few. TripAdvisor has named Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota County the leading beach in the United States.

No Income Tax

If you are looking to save more dollars every month, moving to Florida is your best chance.
Instead of collecting income tax, the state of Florida earns millions from the troops of travelers who visit the state every year. The government imposes a 5% tourist tax revenue collected at the county level and a 7% sales tax revenue at the state level on proceeds from hotel stays of six months or less and rental properties that rent space for the same duration. As soon as you start living in Florida, you will be grateful for the tourists who pay your portion of the taxes.

Affordable Housing, Booming Real Estate, & Low Cost of Living

If you are considering relocating to Florida, you will be particularly fascinated with what your cash can purchase here – a whole lot of land and property, along with a reduced cost of living. With spacious and affordable properties to offer, Florida is experiencing a sturdy and thriving real estate market. The high demand for housing has triggered steady property prices. A typical Florida home goes for as much as $267,843 in 2021 (Zillow).
This signifies an increase of close to 8 percent over the previous year. Investors expect this growth to continue as long as the population in Florida keeps growing. Besides, compared to California and several northern states where homes sell for much higher prices, Florida still has great prices in general.

Strong Job Market & Economy

The job market and economy in Florida are quite robust. Its leading industries include agriculture, aerospace, tourism, life sciences, and international trade.  In 2018, Florida attracted a total of 126.1 million visitors, a big jump from 116 million visitors in 2017. At the start of 2021, the economy of Florida ranked as the 4th largest in the United States with a state budget of $92.2 billion and a $1.1 trillion gross domestic product (GDP).

A Melting Pot of Diverse Cultures

No other state beats Florida with regards to cultural diversity. In every corner of the state, you will meet folks of all ages, religions, and backgrounds thinkable, making it one of the most diverse states in the country. Besides people born and brought up in Florida, many of its inhabitants include transplants and snowbirds from various states who have relocated for climate reasons, tax benefits, and job opportunities. Also, given its location along the coastline, Florida draws a huge Latino population. The cultural diversity in Florida is no doubt among the reasons why the state is such a stimulating place to live in.

A Sports Enthusiast’s Haven

If you are a sports lover, Florida has got you covered!  From expert sports to campus sports, Florida is home to the best teams, including baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. Famous teams in the state include the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins, Florida Dolphins, Jackson Jaguars, and more.
Every spring, games are open to the public because training happens around that time.

Several Theme & Amusement Parks

Florida boasts a total of 11 theme parks, including the Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and Universal Studios. These attractions remain a major pull for tourists across the world. Many of these parks give discounted ticket prices for Floridians and offer on-site lodgings for overnight visits.

Several Festivals & Never-ending Outdoor (and Indoor) Activities

In Florida, you can have your private swimming pool and vacation in your backyard.
With several beaches, amusement parks, and various attractions in Florida, you will never have to travel outside the state for vacation. Moreover, being the world’s leading dream holiday destination, Florida offers a stress-free and lively environment to vacation in.
Likewise, unlike residing in the north, residents in Florida get to relish countless outdoor and indoor events and activities throughout the year. Craft shows and local art events, music festivals, farmers’ markets, motor shows, polo events, chalk festivals, and sand-sculpting activities are just some of the activities inhabitants and visitors of Florida get to love.

Best Place to Retire

Don’t all the ins and outs mentioned in this post make Florida the ideal retirement spot? With favorable weather, financial benefits, and an excellent health care system to add to the reasons, Florida is undeniably the best place to retire. What’s more, you will never feel alone as family, friends, and grandkids will always want to come over. That’s another key benefit of living in Florida!

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