Want to sell your home? Selling a home creates a variety of emotional responses in each of us along with a taste of uncertainty for the future. No matter what your situation or reason for selling, there are a few proven methods to selling your home as quickly as possible and getting the most out of it. Below are the steps and tips to sell your house fast.

Choose the Right Selling Strategy

We all know selling a home can be quite the task to accomplish. It definitely is not easy nor an overnight endeavor. So choosing the right strategy when selling your home is crucial to getting the most out of the sale and accomplishing your goals when selling. Let’s take a quick look at the different strategies you could use to sell your home.

Selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

There are countless FSBO websites you can use to list your home for free along with a variety of offline methods you can implement to sell your home. From putting a sign in your yard to putting ads in local newspapers, there are a handful of ways to market your home FSBO. Another couple of online methods that are free to effectively market your home is through Facebook marketplace and Craigslist.
For Sale by owners
The main benefit of selling FSBO is that you can avoid paying costly realtor fees of 3-6%. You may still need to pay or offer a buyer’s agent commission but you can most likely save on the listing fee. Some of the cons may include how long it can take to sell your home when going the FSBO route. It typically takes 2-3 times longer to sell FSBO versus on the market with an agent. You would also need to manage negotiations and contracts as well, which isn’t always easy.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Why should you hire a real estate agent? Hiring a real estate agent can save you lots of time and work that you would have to put in and manage if you go with the FSBO route. Agents have market knowledge and expertise that allow them to speed up the process and make it more efficient and simple for you. They take care of all of the little details so you don’t have to worry about it. The downside is that you will have to pay for these services, typically up to 6-7% of the purchase price of your home.
FSBO rout

Other Home Selling Options

If you are really in a hurry or just don’t want to mess with the hassle and work of selling your home, you can sell to an investor who plans to flip or rent out your home. Some of the main benefits of selling to an investor are:
  • Sell on your timeline
  • As-is purchase – no time, effort, or money spent doing repairs
  • No commissions or realtor fees – more money in your pocket
  • Hassle free with no showings
The only downside to selling to an investor is you will typically get less than what you would get selling to a retail buyer who is going to live in the property.
See how OfferOnHomes can help you sell your house quickly. If your home is eligible, we can make you a same day cash offer for your home allowing you to completely avoid the listing process altogether. If your home isn’t eligible for an OfferOnHomes purchase we can connect you with top local investors in the area.

Do Minor Fix Ups

Making a few minor upgrades if you choose the listing or FSBO route can add a lot of appeal to your home for home buyers. You may not have time or budget for any major updates or renovations but doing some small fix ups that the new homeowner won’t have to worry about may give your home the advantage in the neighborhood listings. Some ideas of some small things you can do include:
  • Patch up any spots with holes or scratches or peeled paint
  • Fix up any loose door handles
  • Tighten any leaky pipes or faucets
  • Applying a new coat of paint can do wonders
  • Swap out old carpet
  • New kitchen appliances
Doing some or all of these will go a long way to giving your home an edge on the market.

Clean & Declutter

Nothing can scare off a potential buyer like a lot of “stuff” in a house. If you have a short time frame and are uninterested in selling to an investor, cleaning out your house and getting rid of all the stuff to declutter can go a long way. You want all potential buyers who walk through the house to imagine themselves living there. Some quick tips for cleaning up include:
  • Doing a deep clean of the entire house. For showings, you want your home to be spotless.
  • Organize all of the areas where you store stuff so it doesn’t look like you’ve just stuffed things places.
  • Think about getting a storage unit to put away personal belongings that may distract the buyer from imagining themselves living in the home. Also a storage unit is good for moving large furniture items that make the home look crowded or messy.
Cleaning kit

Get the Pricing Right

The most important factor in selling your home quickly, behind choosing the right strategy is that you get pricing right. Home owners who price their property too high typically sit on the market for weeks or even months with little to no showings. Another common problem with pricing your home too high is that you may run into buyers having financing or appraisal issues when getting the loan which will require that the buyer brings more cash. This shrinks your buyers pool and increases the likelihood of your home sitting on the market. The longer your home sits on the market, the more people tend to think there may be something wrong with it and showings will slow way down.
To set the right price you want to thoroughly analyze what homes in your neighborhood, similar to yours are selling for. These are called comparables, or comps for short. Comps tell you what the market in general thinks your home is worth and what a buyer would likely pay for it.

Pricing Strategies

A solid strategy is to price your home competitively by pricing it just slightly below what other current listings are selling for. Remember this is only an important pricing strategy if speed is your main goal. For example, if homes in your neighborhood, currently available for sale, are listed between $315,000 and $345,000, a good pricing strategy would be to list between $305,000 and $315,000. This will make buyers think they are getting the best for a home in that area. This will create a lot of traction and urgency with buyers which will get you the best all around offer for your timeline needs.
Offering other concessions or improvement credits are likely to catch the attention of buyers and may help it go quicker as well.

Get Amazing Photos

Marketing your home the right way is a key aspect, especially to selling quickly. If you want to sell a home quickly then you need to ensure that you’ve take quality photos of your entire home, inside and out. Good pictures attract buyers and attracted buyers gets you showings and offers.
Don’t settle for a few pictures from your smartphone. If you really want to gain traction when selling your home, good photos will go a long way to bring the buyers that are interested in your homes.

Stage Your Home

Getting your home sold quickly on the market can be difficult but if you pack up and hire a stager you can make strides towards cutting that selling time down. Staging your home gives buyers that wow factor when they walk in and they immediately start imagining what it would be like to live in a home like yours.
open house
Staging can go a long way to getting you more offers and traction in the marketing and selling of your home.

Get the Timing Right

Timing is crucial to how fast you are able to sell your home. Time of the year, time of the month, and even day of the week and time of the day can play a role. If selling is urgent, you don’t always have that luxury. Classic selling season is spring and summer but this doesn’t mean you can’t sell quickly at other times of the year.
When best to sell really is a market by market thing so check your local market for when the best times to sell and list would be.

Create a Showing Frenzy

A common way to get a lot of traction and to create urgency with buyers is to have a “Coming Soon” pre-listing marketing campaign that advertises an open-house walkthrough. This can get lots of people through your home which will create urgency to make offers. It also typically gets you a higher asking price as well.


Unsure what avenue you should take to sell your home? Schedule a free consultation call with one of our home selling experts. No obligations or commitments, just get your questions answered.

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